From the Prez

Saturday, February 03, 2018

I have a confession to make. My sewing room is a mess. Someone wrote that a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind. Well, maybe, but there is such a thing as a bridge too far and I think I have reached it. Things are in such disarray that my creativity is stifled. I don’t want to go in there and face the mess. Now this is a common complaint among quilters, crafters, and sewists and I am quite certain that I am not alone in this quandary. So yesterday I decided to do something about it.

So far I have thrown out (quelle horreur, to quote Hercule Poirot) scraps of non-quilting fabric that were being saved for who-knows-what, unearthed and reactivated a hand pieced clamshell project, reorganized the filing cabinet (accompanied by a frenzy of shredding) that holds my mother’s papers, and found, measured, and labeled all the large pieces of fabric (for backs and such) and put them into one large container. But there is oh so much more to do. Any horizontal surface is fair game for accumulating piles of stuff. Note Dear Reader:  the floor is a horizontal surface, and yes, it is that bad. I can now see parts of the floors. Progress.

I am committed to making a quilt for my daughter’s new nephew. The top is finished, the backing is sewn. “All” that remains is to quilt it;  it is twin-sized, larger than I usually tackle. It will be simply quilted with straight lines and I feel it is doable. But as you all know, a quilt this size needs to be supported well as it is run through the machine. The top of my sewing cabinet is not yet cleared nor is the 6 foot banquet table that I left up after another quilting marathon. Yep, you guessed, it, it is also covered with stuff and needs to be cleared off to use for the impending quilting project. I have vowed to fold it up and put it away when the quilting is completed. It only invites (attracts) “stuff” if left up.

On another topic, we had a fun sew-in at the January meeting. Quite a few quilt tops were started and there were several tops as well as tote bags completed. There are going to be some finished things coming in future Show & Tell sessions. Thanks to all who braved the cold to come out and work on things that will make complete strangers happy.

Piece out,


Mary Ellen