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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Yikes, it’s almost August already and baby, it’s hot outside!  A new record of 108 degrees was set yesterday. It’s perfect for staying in where it’s cool and sewing. I recently spent three days at the National Quilt Museum with RaNae Merrill taking her Magnificent Spiral Mandala workshop. It was definitely a new skill for me and no, it was not easy. But I like a challenge, and RaNae is an excellent teacher. The Museum brings in two or three national quilt teachers a year for three day workshops. These are not held in conjunction with the spring or fall quilt shows in Paducah and it is nice to visit Paducah when there are not hordes of people everywhere you turn. If you get the chance, take a workshop there. You won’t regret it.

Coming & Goings is the topic of this message. First up – goings. Jerri Stroud moved to Seattle last Friday (as I write this). She has already posted on Facebook that they have gotten as far as Omaha where they are spending the night with friends. That’s Omaha by way of Hamilton, MO of course! Jerri is a long time guild member of 20 years and she will be sorely missed. Her beautiful quilts and quiet manner were both big assets that are not readily replaceable.

Comings – we have had several new members . Welcome to our newest  member, Sue Reno;  it’s nice to have you in the group. Just today, at the local farm stand in deep south St. Louis County, I may have recruited another. The young lady, whose family owns the stand and whom I see regularly throughout the summer growing season, is a quilter. She especially likes English paper piecing and I hope we see her at a meeting in the future.

Susan Sanders, Comfort Quilts Chair, will continue with the small Nurses for Newborns quilts we have made for the past two years. They seem popular and are quick to make owing to their small size. We will also have monthly Sew Days at Janie Lou Quilt Store in Kirkwood. Stay tuned for information on the next meeting.

In August I will be launching a fun challenge for those who want to participate. There will be some parameters (I hesitate to call them “rules”) because it’s usually easier to get started if there are some guidelines. That said, I want this to be fun. I am going to be pretty loosey-goosey about the “parameters” because this is all about you, having fun, and maybe trying something in a small format that you wouldn’t attempt right in a larger piece. It will appeal to the traditional quilter, the modern one, and the art quilter.  I hope you  will like it. The finished quilts will be due in December at the Holiday party meeting.

Also in August Lola Jenkins will be our guest speaker with a workshop to follow on Saturday. I am really excited about her work. You don’t have to bring much to the workshop, not even fabric , as she will have kits available for her portrait collage class. You can also leave your sewing machine and all that entails at home as well. There are some places available, so plan on joining us.

Stay cool and piece out!


Mary Ellen