From the Prez

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

As spring has settled in, we contemplate the future of our guild. We have nominations for the four elected Board positions and elections will occur at the June meeting. Still lacking are most of the chairs of the standing committees. These must also be filled by volunteers in order for the guild to remain viable. By-laws require a quorum of seven at board meetings in order for voting, and therefore business of the guild, to be conducted. No quorum, no voting, no guild. We will be looking for members to fill these positions in June as well. Please consider stepping up for one of the jobs.

I would like to thank the board members who have served with me the past two years. They are all strong, capable, and intelligent people that have enabled us to enjoy our guild. Without them that would have not been possible. Please take the opportunity to thank them. It means a lot to feel appreciated, especially when the job they are doing has no financial reward. In a sense, your thanks is a way of compensating them for their hard work on our behalf.

I look forward to the future with a degree of hopefulness that frankly I did not have a few weeks ago. The guild needs to modernize its approach to remain viable. Time marches on and as the saying goes, waits for no one. The next generation is far more tech savvy than the current one and more invested in social media. To remain viable we need to acknowledge these changes and accommodate them. The guild needs to reach out to the community and reignite the mission of promoting quilting in the larger society. This in turn, will make the guild visible to a different population that may never have considered quilting, or had the resources to try it. While this should be our main concern as the right thing to do, I cannot help but think this approach will also serve to sustain the guild by possibly attracting members from this demographic.

We will have two programs later this year that embrace this theme. Perennial, a re-make non-profit in the City, and the “Once We Were Refugees” organization. We have also had requests from the Girl Scouts to help them fulfill badge requirements that involve sewing. We have not had interest from membership to honor their request in the past. Let’s change this attitude. We can do it. It’s the right thing to do; no further justification is needed. Let the legacy of this guild be that “they stepped up. They did what was needed when asked. They did the right thing.”

Piece Out,

Mary Ellen