From the Prez

Sunday, June 04, 2017

How Time Flies! My 50th high school reunion is coming up next month, which has put me in a speculative mood. That weekend is jam packed with activities for me, some quilt related and some not. After the reunion luncheon on Saturday, I have volunteer duties on Sunday with Hearts ‘n Hands Quilt Guild in O’Fallon, IL. Monday finds me on the road with a high school chum who will be in St. Louis for the reunion. She wants to go to Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO. From there we are traveling to Kansas City on Wednesday for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. I think I signed up for four classes!

I am pleased that we have a full slate of elected officers for the guild. Thanks to all who stepped up. We still need someone to head up Comfort Quilts. It was my favorite job of the several I have done for the guild. It’s an easy one as well as being personally gratifying. You can continue on with the small quilt project for Nurses for Newborns if you wish. Alternatively you can select another organization and present it to the Board for approval; I don’t think we have ever turned down anyone’s choice.

Nancy Hamilton is going to be a great Vice President. She is already sending me emails full of ideas, suggestions, and plain old common sense. She has some great ideas for future programming. If you have suggestions for programming, please let her know. Nancy has also taken the bull by the horns and begun researching venues for a future quilt show. Before that can happen, the Board must decide if there will be another quilt show, and if so, when and where it will be. Typically planning does not take place until a year out from the show. The question of whether there will be another quilt show is something that the guild membership needs to discuss at a future business meeting. We will be doing this soon, so please put on your thinking caps and give this a few brain waves of thought. We need everyone’s input.

Piece Out,

Mary Ellen Adams