“Bunnies & More” by Darcy Ashton

Monday, March 05, 2012



This book contains patterns for ten quilts and one pillow, all appliqued with bunnies. Instructions are given for both hand and machine applique using fusible web. Bunnies may be embellished with embroidery, miniature quilt blocks, buttons, beads, and crystals.  Bunnies sport bows and butterflies or may be dressed up in cowboy hats and bandanas. The bunnies are eight to nine inches in size on average and made of one large piece of fabric, although they can be made of more than one color to resemble real rabbits if you choose. This is not fiddly applique with tiny pieces unless you decide to embellish them with miniature quilt blocks, which is one option. Although it looks really cool, I probably would not make the bunnies with the tiny appliqued quilt blocks. These quilts will no doubt be  intended for a child and it would be too much work, for my taste, for an item that will loved, washed repeatedly, and dragged around.

Ashton published an earlier book, “Grandma’s Bunnies”, now back in print, from which I made a quilt for a relative’s child several years ago. It was a big hit and when I saw this follow-up book of patterns, I had to grab it. If bunnies are not to your taste, Ashton also has books with butterflies, dogs, cats, horses, and aquatic creatures. The latter would be especially interesting for a young child with an interest in frogs, fish, and turtles. For the young child in your life, these patterns can’t be beat! To take a look at what Ashton has to offer, check out the web site: www.ashtonpub.com.