Kaffe Fassett’s “Quilts in Sweden”

Thursday, April 05, 2012


20 designs from Rowan for patchwork and quilting


Although the forward to this book is written by Kaffe Fassett, and all the patterns in the book are made with fabrics of his design, this book is a collaborative effort. The book features quilts by Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta, Liza Prior Lucy, Pauline Smith, Brandon Mably, Sally Davis, Corienne Kramer, and Judy Baldwin as well as Kaffe. As is typical with Kaffe’s books, the photography is spectacular. The settings for the quilts, as indicated by the title, all feature interior and exterior locations throughout Sweden. Patterns are given using templates, rather than measurements, in order to serve quilters using both U.S. and metric systems. For those who wish to reproduce the projects exactly as featured, material requirements include fabric numbers. All patterns have clear quilt assembly diagrams.

As anyone familiar with Kaffe’s work already knows, the quilts are all about color. None of the patterns are particularly hard, although at first glance the instructions may seem a bit daunting due to all the information packed onto the pages. “Sunlight in the Forest”, “Rattan Squares”, and “Shells” are simple enough for beginners, while “Dark Windows” and “Imari Plate” will hold the interest of more advanced piecers. There are 20 patterns in the book, making it good value for the money.

I love Kaffe’s fabrics and those of the designers that work with him at Rowan. That said, I have yet to make a quilt from his books, and I have them all. I find that I go to the books regularly for color inspiration as much as anything else. This is certainly no indictment of the book. If you are in love with his fabrics, or just love color and have wondered what to do with large prints, this is a good place to start.