From the Prez

It was a cold and windy night. No, I'm not writing a new American Gothic novel. I'm talking the need of a second quilt on the bed, as in baby it's cold outside!  Funny thing is, we used two quilts on our bed nearly all summer because it never really got hot enough for the AC not to keep the house cool enough.

With the cool, we move into fall. I will be putting out my fall table runner on the buffet.  Some of you are lucky enough to have a Halloween table runner to put out first. Then there are the fun seasonal quilts to lay on the couches or hang on the wall. If we don't have one, we dream to make one for next year. The fabric gets bought and then something comes up and it doesn't get made. I found one of those this past week while looking for something completely different. It's a panel Halloween print for a table runner that I thought I would do for myself. I did one for daughter; I'm worth one, too. But things came up and it stayed in the basket waiting for my hands. I know it won't be done this year, but definitely by next Halloween I'll have a cute table runner for the holiday.  

One of those "things that come up" is a workshop by our next guest. I fully intend to take the class on how to make something out of ties. I have a box where I collect ties, thinking one day I'd make a big beautiful Dresden plate quilt. BUT...when I heard the word "table runner" in conjunction with ties, I knew I could handle this project and get it done. This is a half day workshop and I do wish you would join us to learn new things. I'll have extra ties if anyone needs some, so...

 See you at the meeting!